The widespread reports of illness are of no significance alone.

However cross-referenced with malfunctions reported by commercial shipping pilots I have found some clusters of interest.

Date: 3301-07-22 21:41 GST,
From: Cmdr Asha Chandris (F/O Python Oriana Pria)
To: Carpathia Shipping Ltd

Capt Fraiser has come down with some sort of flu, I need to report that our docking computer engaged reverse thrust at landing, minor damage to aft landing gear and docking facilities.

Request replacement and overhaul of docking computer at next crew change.

Date: 3301-06-30 00:41 GST,
From: Sharma Pryzkycz (Capt, T7 Bulwark Wharf)
To: Stella Triangulai Cargo Operations

Jack you cheapskate goid sucker! That is the last time I get our drive serviced by those rats! Where did you find them? Thrusters jammed full open on take-off and we got a speeding fine plus I caught some witch-forsaken bug from them too. The only reason I can see straight to write this is that I’m jacked up to my frikking ears on stims.

If you want us to haul the junk we picked up then wire us the creds for a new port engine module or i’ll start selling bits of it!

Date: 3301-06-24 21:40 GST,
From: Sarah Mulligan (On-Call Medic, Lave Station)
To: Wright-Peaderson-Wolf Shipping

I am writing in reference to one Mr Bruce Sharma-DelGrath who I believe is an employee of yours. We are keeping Mr Sharma-DelGrath in our medical facilities due to a serious infection we are unable to identify. He was able to explain that his craft’s life support system had failed repeatedly on their last route. Unfortunately he has since been placed into a medically induced coma.

I’m sure as an employer you are concerned for your crew’s welfare. I enclose insurance and credit transfer details for the treatment to date.

S Mulligan, MBBS (astro)



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